We offer performance in 3 different areas

I want to help you
to thrive in our digital world

Ralf Schwoebel on LinkedIn

Our founders have worked together since 1995 to create advanced, successful online systems.

We implement our experience for our partners and customers and stay on top of the game by learning new coding technologies, testing new devices and concepts year by year. Our passions and strengths are
  • eCommerce
  • Online Marketing
  • Payment systems
  • Fraud prevention and protection
Our tasks evolve around project management for site and app relaunches, eCommerce expansions and the creation and management of coding teams for our customers.

To exceed your expectations we activate our strong and diverse partner network and even send you to the right people, if we feel that we can not help you.
Software Development:
From simple Javascript apps to complex teams for your complete eCommerce solution: We select coding services, create the team and manage the implementation or the building of your own IT department.

We specialise in
  • Creation of web and smartphone apps
  • eCommerce integrations (and relaunches)
  • Development planning and execution
We focus on HTML5 and Javascript environments on the frontend and PHP and cloud based LAMP stacks in the backend.
Finally you need 2 things to succeed with your online idea:
  • (targetted) traffic
  • solid conversion rates
which you may get in various ways and with different tools and concepts.

As your expert on these tools and concepts we kickstart your plan, help to select the right agency, evaluate marketing approaches and make sure you do not stumble on the way to release and beyond.