Our Mission

We plan, create and market Business Web Apps (like time tracking, documentation tools or visualization frontends). We work in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to connect your customers on every connected device to powerful backends.

Our story

We love HTML5, Javascript and the possibilities created by a networking world where devices connect people and improve our daily lives. The market is rapidly evolving and we find that most fascinating.

As founders of the company we have been working together in different constellations since 1995. We are successful, because:
  • we stay on top of the game
  • take responsibility
  • love reliable results
  • work hard and smart
  • calculate with fair prices
  • involve partners for expert solutions

Our CEO and founder

Ralf is CEO, co-founder and major shareholder of orga.zone, Inc. He started the company in spring 2015 with Dr. Stephan M. Hess. He sets the goals for the company and inspires our teams to create new and viable products for the digital age. His experience in online marketing, software development and managing startups helps us to achieve what we aspire: to help you succeed! He is also member of the advisory board to the German Secretary of Economics and Technology - "Young Digital Economy"

Twitter: @orgaralf